"An Infinite Love" is
Aurilio's first collection.

The medieval court and its protagonists are translated into 12 different looks and roles. The characters and their stories will be introduced in pairs on a monthly basis. Each look corresponds to its digital version available on Metaurilio.

Sustainability: Fashion’s future goes through its present

Aurilio's sustainable vision passes first and foremost through the production process.

From the sourcing of materials to the production of garments, all stages of production respect the principles of KM0 fashion.
By doing so, we are able to reduce the environmental impact related to transportation, as well as maintain direct contact with our producers allowing us to keep the entire supply chain under control.

Upcycling helps us strengthen our mission.

Reusing fabrics reduces the need for disposal of them by adding character to each garment.

Aurilio also looks
to the future.

By turning our gaze to the fashion of tomorrow we are able to implement techniques peculiar to fashion tech such as recyclable materials produced in 3D.


The seeding box is the first product of aurilio's collection, containing multiple items