Aurilio has principle in endless love.

Aurilio is a young and dynamic Italian company. It proposed itself in the fashion world in 2023, when it was born from an idea of Andrea. The company's reality stems from the need to create wearable and digital garments, a connection between past and future, telling a story through the concepts of the various collections. These are divided into 12 men's/women's characters; the two main types of action are ready-to-wear and haute couture garments (both physical and Nft). The revival of a new conception of the individual is established on the backbone of a value complex that exalts vitalistic virtues, commitment and dedication without these hindering associated living. A brand that uses different figures to create unique garments, inspiring others to a new awareness of self but not only: declining virtues and values of the past in a contemporary, multifaceted, transversal guise. Aurilio was born recently, but the brand wants to grow and evolve with artistic and temporal continuity, creating products that can be in line with the needs of the acquired market but above all with the identity of the consumers who approach Aurilio. Humanity, thus consumers, meets a story over time and acts in unison for a noble purpose: to create a unique and noble identity through the advent of a new fashion concept.

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